Janice T. Alonso, Burnaby, BC

Thanks so much for the great job! Everyone at Metrotown Floors + Interiors was very helpful. I am really enjoying the beautiful floors.

Hui Ying Wei, Burnaby, BC

I can’t tell you enough how much I love the floor. it truly has expanded my home experience. it’s like I have a whole new space to enjoy.

Corrie R. Case, Burnaby, BC

I want to personally thank the craftsman that installed our hardwood flooring. Workmanship was excellent. A very professional job. I strongly recommend Metrotown Flooring to everyone.

David C. Rodas, Vancouver, BC

All your crews were so polite, a real pleasure to have work in our home. Thanks for a great job. A+ to Metrotown Flooring & Interiors.

Terry T. Hubler, New Westminster, BC

Great selection, large store, love my flooring & tile. Congratulations on running a fine business and you would be well advised to use Metrotown Floors & Interiors as much as possible in the future.

Christopher Smith, Burnaby, BC

Your team delivered amazing service. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with a renovation of an office this size – the entire process went much more smoothly and quickly than I could ever have expected. Thank you Metrotown Flooring + Interiors.

Lisa M. Hoskins, Vancouver, BC

Thank you again for your efforts and please pass this along to the Contractors as they certainly deserve our kudos for a job well-planned and executed! Well done guys!

Jane Chow, Burnaby, BC

I wanted to thank Byron and Al, these guys are just great. They did such a great job with all aspects of my flooring needs. I recommend them to everyone.