Dustless Hardwood Sanding & Refinishing

Introducing dustless hardwood sanding/finishing for your home! After many years of wear and tear a hardwood floor needs refinishing. Perhaps you just want to restore it the way it was, or you take the opportunity to change the appearance. If you were worried that sanding/refinishing your hardwood floor would involve hours of cleaning up afterwards, worry no more. When you get the hardwood in your home sanded, the Bona Dust Care System captures the dust generated on the spot. In fact, the Bona dustless hardwood sanding unit delivers air quality that’s better and cleaner than the ambient air found in most homes.

When choosing stain colors, we have a large selection of options to choose from or you have the option of custom colors at no extra charge. As long as you have a sample, we will have our specialists match the color allowing you any visual design you are trying to acheive. We also have muliply sheen options ranging from oil to waterbourne finishes, naturale, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.

Do You Need Refinishing?

Determining whether you need your hardwood floors to be refinished is easy. Here is a simple test you can conduct in your home to see if you need this service:

Grab a cup of water and sprinkle a few drops onto the floor’s surface. Note the following:

  • Does it sit on the surface? Does it sink in slowly? You can most likely wait a few months with continued cleaning and polishing.
  • Does it soak into the floor immediately? This indicates that the finish has worn away in this area. If there are no damages, you can proceed with a simple refinishing service.
  • Do you notice deep gouges, stains, uneven spots, or warps in the wood? These are issues that can only be fixed with repairs. Fix any weakened spots prior to having them refinished to ensure the long lifespan of your flooring.

Once you have determined whether or not you need refinishing, there are a few other things to consider:

  • Measure your floors to make sure that they are at least ¾” thick. Your floors will be sanded before the finish is placed on top of your floor’s surface. You want to make sure that there is still a strong foundation left! Sanding down to the subfloor can cause permanent damage to your floors and make replacement necessary. This costs more money and should be avoided entirely.
  • Is your floor constructed with tongue and groove pieces? This floor cannot be sanded as many times as a regular plank hardwood floor. You will want to tell your refinishing technician about the way your floor was installed before the service work begins.
  • What kind of finish was originally used? Note that the same finish should be used consistently. Using different finishing products can damage your floors. Speak with your refinishing technician prior to beginning work on your floors to learn more.
  • The results of a thorough refinishing job are a highly polished, strengthened hardwood floor. You will be impressed at the way we can make your floors look like new again! And the affordable rates and fast service will make you wonder why you didn’t request this service sooner. If your floors need refinishing, come to Metrotown Floors+Interiors and get results fast.

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