Laminate flooring faithfully reproduces wood, stone, and other natural materials. Laminate is easy to install and in many cases can be done by home owners.

Unlike wood, which can dent, laminate flooring is almost impervious to dents and scratches. Laminate flooring has what’s called in the industry a “wear layer” that protects the photographic layer underneath. Some manufacturers give very generous 25+ year warranties on this wear layer.

Laminate flooring can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places where you encounter “topical moisture”. But it will not tolerate standing pools of water. However, let’s be clear that neither solid hardwood nor engineered wood can tolerate standing water, either. For heavy moisture, you need a very impervious surface like vinyl or tile.
Laminate flooring comes in many colors and styles, samples can be seen in our showroom.