ICC (Insurance Claims Collabrative Inc.)
The ICC Insurance Claim Flooring Valuation and Replacement Program (ICC) is an independent Canadian national flooring appraisal and replacement service offered to insurance companies.

Certification for ICC allows us to delve into a new market of clients. Giving us the opportunity to extend our services and client care in a B2B manner. We at Metrotown Floors+Interiors understand that we are a representative of the insurance company as well as the restoration company. We take great pride in our work and have a proven record of customer satisfaction. With this in hand, as well as our experienced staff we will make our clients happy, and represent the companies behind us in a professional and positive way. We provide all flooring types and with our skilled team, we are confident to handle any situation. In addition to flooring, we also have extensive experience with kitchen installations. This allows us to be a preferred choice among restoration companies as we are a one-stop-shop. We are all on the same team and it is important to show a united front to give our clients great peace of mind.

The ICC service is offered to all Canadian Property Insurance Companies and their Independent Adjusting partners.

The mission of the ICC Insurance Claim Flooring Validation and Replacement Program is to assist both the Insurer and Insured to fairly and accurately determine the quality of the latter’s damaged flooring and to recommend currently available product alternatives of like, kind and quality. ICC currently evaluates Carpet, Hardwood, Resilient Flooring (Vinyl), Laminate and related under pad products. To fairly evaluate the damaged flooring surface, ICC will test the material by:

  • Determining the quality characteristics of an Insured’s existing (damaged) flooring though the application of professional testing procedures.
  • Recommending currently available flooring products that are of like, kind and quality. Based upon the like, kind and quality suggested, offer a recommended fair replacement value for the damaged flooring.